Recent Testimonial

15th November 2017

I contacted Christina at a point where I wanted to review my diet in the context of declining energy levels and joint pain together with a recently diagnosed autoimmune disorder.   I needed to speak to someone with the knowledge and experience to help me make sense of what I researched myself in the absence of […]

How losing weight can help with menopause

9th August 2017

Did you know that when you are pre-menopausal that the loss of oestrogen may have an effect on your weight? According to the women’s health research institute, about 30% of women aged 50-59 are not just overweight but obese. As we approach post-menopause, the body loses oestrogen which helps regulate blood sugar and also makes […]

The foods you eat could be giving you back pain

20th July 2017

Is Your Diet Affecting Your Back Pain? Are you one of the 53 million people in the UK who suffer from chronic back pain?  And not all back pain is chronic as 60% of people suffer from some form of back pain at one time or another, according to the NHS. While chronic back pain […]

Healthy weight healthy cholesterol

12th July 2017

Have you been trying to lose weight, but also wondered about your cholesterol? You don’t have to be overweight to have high cholesterol, but overweight people are more at risk of high cholesterol and the dangers it presents. Lowering your cholesterol levels can help you lower your weight. How can lower cholesterol help weight loss? […]

Lose weight to help your diabetes

6th July 2017

Eat Diabetes Away with Weight Loss Do you know someone with diabetes, or have a loved one with the condition? If so, you may want to do everything possible to prevent this happening to you. With diabetes, there are many factors to consider, but the focus of this article is around how obesity can cause […]

Improving your digestion can help you lose weight

28th June 2017

Do you suffer from a lack of good digestion? Is eating on the go giving you a bad stomach? Good digestion, or the lack of it, appears to be the new health issue of the century. It really isn’t a surprise considering our modern fast-paced lifestyle and the way our diet and nutrition has adjusted […]

How to Lose Weight for Summer

6th April 2017

Spring is already here and as we move into summer, I’m sure you ladies will be digging out your swimwear and your bikinis and looking forward to booking a summer holiday. The good news that we still have several months to prepare our beach bodies but no doubt the weeks will fly by so there’s […]

A testimonial from a Metabolic Balance Client

5th January 2017

Started the Metabolic Balance program after trying lots of other diets based ‘on trend’ which haven’t given me the expected results and also put me into starvation. I almost gave up trying to lose weight until I came across MB. This diet was so far the best decision I ever made in regards to weight […]

A client on Metabolic Balance loses 28lbs

12th November 2016

Like to share what a client said this morning:: Thank you ever so much for all your help and support and for the brilliant diet of Metabolic Balance . I am really happy with the results . Regards, Andreea This client lost 28lbs in seven weeks, sleep has improved, energy and skin is much clearer […]