Laboratory Tests

Laboratory Tests to Aid Diagnosis and Screening

Following your initial consultation and your full case history is completed, professional laboratory testing is often recommended to confirm issues that your case history has revealed. These may be used to screen for a specific health issue or assist in a diagnosis which confirms the best and most effective treatment to be advised.

Future Health Management has teamed up with some of the leading UK laboratories to provide these tests to clients. If a test is necessary Christina Martin DHNP, AIT, mIFM will discuss the recommended test with you. To order a test click Health Tests

Laboratory testing can greatly assist with identifying not just existing health issues but also those which you are predisposed to due to your life style or biological makeup. These tests are designed to

  • Screen for specific health issues.
  • Identify and evaluate risks and their potential effect on your body
  • Identify immune function issues
  • Identify any possible nutrient deficiencies.

Why would I need a test?

If you answer positively to the questions below laboratory testing will enable a faster recovery. These questions along with information gathered at your case history will reveal and enable me to create an individual health programme for you. Often if you are not getting or obtaining the food necessary for optimum health, or due to lifestyle you may experience some of these symptoms indicated below, these questions along with chosen specific tests can reveal the causes of many debilitating health issues such as….

  • Do you wake up between 2 and 4 am?
  • Feel fatigued during the day?
  • Do you have difficulty losing weight?
  • Do you eat fish less than twice a week?
  • Are you prone to infections?
  • Do you suffer from mood swings?
  • Do you suffer from aching muscles?
  • Eat a lot of processed foods?
  • Have less than a bowl movement per day?
  • Eat food very quickly?
  • Restless sleep patterns
  •  Restless leg syndrome
  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Intestinal symptoms such as bloating, spasms etc)
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Auto-Immune disease
  • Hormonal disturbances
  • Hair Loss
  • Eczema

Test interpretation

Once your test results are received, Christina will arrange for a follow up appointment and discuss the test with you; these results will assist in implementing changes to your health programme.

All clients are advised to keep in close contact to monitor any changes in health. This gives Christina an opportunity to gauge your progress and make any appropriate changes.

Are the test covered by health care insurance?

A selection of test provided are covered by private medical insurance policies such as BUPA, HSA, PPP, Cigna,   however, It is your responsibility to double check with your insurance company.

How To Order a Test

To order a test contact Christina Martin DHNP, AIT, mIFM on 020 8991 1490, to discuss your symptoms or to arrange an initial consultation. Alternatively click here to book a consultation at one of Christina’s London clinics.