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Natural Supplements

Food State are those vitamins and minerals that come complete with the phytonutrients and the associated food factors that the body requires for absorption and can use more readily and safely; this includes carrot concentrates for beta carotene, citrus pulp for vitamin C. Nutrients that occur naturally in our food are never alone, but are found within a ‘food matrix’ of other active components so that they are recognised, absorbed and delivered to the right places and processed accordingly.
The composition and structure of natural unprocessed foods contain special proteins, carbohydrate, lipids and other necessary co-factors that contribute to our good health. The benefit of the food co-factors makes Food State nutrients much more bio-available within the body.

The Food State range is in a form that your body recognizes and follows the same pathway as that of actual food when taken.

Native Elements vitamin C will be retained in the body for up to 48 hours, while your typical high-street vitamin C will be urinated out and only a small amount will be retained. Food State contains all the necessary co-factors the body requires for absorption.

Isolated vitamins/minerals often instruct you to take them with food, in the hope that it binds with the food you have already ingested for them to be absorbed.

The Food State also conveys a degree of protection to vitamins, minerals and trace elements in preventing undesirable chemical interactions from occurring, which is the case with the chemical, so-called “natural” supplements. For example, vitamin E and iron put into close proximity in the ’free state’ negate each other, making them unacceptable for use by the body. Prominent international health writers and researchers recommend that the “natural” (chemical) supplements of vitamin E and iron need to be taken at least 8 hours apart due to the negative effects of combination. This does not happen with Food State supplements, as the active principle is satisfied in this complete state and is not free for chemical interchange…just as we find with whole foods.

Food State vitamins, minerals and trace elements are complexed with food components, of which yeast is one, for example. Once the yeast has taken up the mineral, the outer cell wall is removed, the yeast cell is ruptured, and the long chain proteins are broken down by the use of natural proteolytic enzymes. Hence none of the potentially allergenic long-chain molecules, often associated with yeast, exist. These products have been found safe to use even by yeast-sensitive people and animals; this has been proven by their use in allergy clinics among patients that are whole-yeast sensitive. (It should be said, however, that no product like food itself is totally non-allergenic).

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Why Native Elements?

Native Elements
Welcome to Native Elements: Supplier of Food State Vitamins and Minerals.

Native Elements was founded by holistic practitioner who studied Naturopathy and holistic nutritonal therapy. Ms Martin recently met the pioneer behind the food state concept, which is how Native Elements was created. Food State is the supplemental concept she had been waiting for, something natural, something the body recognises and can fully absorb; it’s an effective form of vitamins and minerals available on the market.

Native Elements is available to practitioners, health food stores and members of the public.

Food State is in a form that the body can recognise as food components of unprocessed foods and the co-factors within those foods facilitate the absorption and distribution of nutrients. The benefit of the food co-factors makes Food State nutrients much more bioavailable within the body. Although food is always the best means of obtaining all nutritional requirements (if grown on appropriate soil, under certain conditions) the second best has to be Food State form of nutrients. For more facts on soil depletion please read this.

We believe in using natural products and providing the public with a natural source of nutrients, we have had very good results with clients who have used Food State to provide extra support for their health. We should always know what we are putting into our body and how it affects us. The immune system works very efficiently, providing we look after our body, mind and spirit.

Hippocrates the father of medicine quotes “A wise man ought to realise that health is his most valuable possession.”

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