Metabolic Balance Program

£1100.00 (Excl. VAT)
How many ?

Metabolic Balance®, is an All Natural Weight Loss program and was developed in Germany by the late Herr Dr. Med Wolf Funfack. It has been awarded the “Wellness Medical Award” in 2009 & the “HOWARD Health Award” in 2011. The program is based on the blood analysis and the personal and medical information of the client.

Metabolic Balance® Certified Coaches facilitate the client through a four-phase program usually lasting over a 3 month period. Support will be effective and beneficial but the time-frame for the client to achieve complete success in reaching their goal is individual. The changes and gains on metabolic balance® invokes a healthier lifestyle and re-education towards optimum well-being.

The average weight loss on the program is 3-5 lbs each week for women and 4-7 lbs. each week for men over the first 2 weeks. Most participants experience significant increases in their energy levels and improved sleep patterns.

What are the benefits?

  • Improvements in energy levels and better sleep
  • Weight loss (where losing weight has been difficult in the past)
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Stable blood sugar levels
  • A reduction in blood pressure
  • Elimination of uncomfortable menopausal symptoms and improved moods
  • Much improved skin condition

What does the cost cover?

  • Initial blood analysis
  • Tailored personal food plan
  • 6 coaching visits to help you through the 4 phases of Metabolic Balance
  • Explanation of your food plan and extended food plan

What are the phases?

Phase 1: The meeting will take between 1 to 1.5 hour.  Your body composition will be measures, height and weight I will look at your current lifestyle and diet. The suitability of the program will be discussed with you, If you are happy to go ahead your blood test will be organised.

Phase 2: Is about adjusting your metabolism, you will eat foods that are on your personalized food plan.  This phase will last 14 days and provide foods that are balanced including proteins, vegetables, starches and fruits. The program is not about counting calories, it is designed to re-train and re-educate the client into eating and embracing natural whole foods that are right for increasing enzymes and balancing hormones, resulting in a healthy weight adjustment

Phase 3: We meet again two weeks after the start of phase 2. this phase is a more relaxed phase and we work to extend the food list and it allows you to have a treat once per week.

Phase 4: This phase is just as important as phase 2, I work with the client to take the program from a "diet" to a "lifestyle”.


How much does this program cost?

The cost for this program is £1200.  At the moment I am offering new clients a autumn offer of £1100 offer valid for 31 January 2017