Stress Management

Dealing with Stress and self managing it

Stress can cause illness if it’s not managed. We live in a fast paced society, with pressures at work home and in your personal life. Sometimes you can even have all of these, causing you to feel lost, depressed and uncertain about what to do next.

Other examples of what can cause stress are:

  •     Financial pressure
  •     Becoming a parent or struggling with parenthood
  •     Death of a close family member or friend
  •     Divorce or relationship break-ups
  •     Driving tests or examinations
  •     Phobias
  •     Traumatic experiences
  •     Work related issues

Stress can affect many functions of our body, it can cause it not to function correctly, it can suppress the immune system and cause problems with your respiratory, digestive and nervous systems.

Diseases such as cancer, arthritis, asthma can develop following a severe shock or stress, so it is very important that you do seek the advice of a stress management expert if you experience ongoing stress. Visiting your GP to discuss this with them may be a step in the right direction.

Stress Management helps you to deal with stress and helps you to manage it. Some relaxation techniques may be offered to help you release stress. Imagination, respiration is some of the important factors to consider during a session. Anxiety is a state of fear, Christina Martin DHNP, AIT will work with you to help you manage situations, may provide you with some supplements to aid adrenal support. There is often loss of weight due to a lack of appetite and many clients complain of indigestion and nausea which will have no relation to food. There are often mental symptoms of stress some of which have been mentioned above.

The consultation will take an hour, and a full case history will be taken and the cost is £150 to £200. An additional test will also be offered to check your adrenals and Cortisol profile; this is a saliva test and will cost £80.00.

If you wish to have a more comprehensive report this can be offered to you for £180 to £240, depending on the quantity of pages and the length of time it takes me to put together.

How to take the first step towards improving your health

If you are struggling with a health issue that has not been addressed by conventional methods contact Christina Martin DHNP, AIT, mIFM on 020 8991 1490 to discuss your symptoms or to arrange an initial consultation.  Alternatively click here to book a consultation at one of Christina’s London clinics.