The Dorchester Hotel London “Christina offers a superior service to our team members. She is very proactive in her approach to health issues and provides a positive alternative to other conventional methods. Christina has proven to be an invaluable resource to the team.”

Mike Gillam ~ Occupational Health Manager, The Dorchester Hotel, London, Coworth Park Hotel, London
45 Park Lane Hotel, London

‘I saw Christina in June this year for a variety of health problems, one of them being difficulty in walking due to joint problems. Christina put me on a wheat, gluten and dairy free diet along with supplements and within two months I had not only dropped a dress size but my mobility had improved greatly! I am now able to walk upstairs in a normal fashion as opposed to one step at a time, pulling myself up while holding on to the banister.
My knee replacement operation has been postponed due to my improved mobility. I look forward to loosing another dress size and improved overall health.’

Patient name withheld for confidentiality reasons

“I visited Christina for help with a few health issues, the main one being the IBS that I’ve had for years. I was interested in the food intolerance testing and Christina also recommended the full case history report, which together with the intolerance test, highlighted why I had been experiencing various symptoms and health problems for years. She recommended a 5-day detox followed by a 4-8 week eating programme avoiding certain foods and adding new foods, along with the right supplements to support this. I am now on to my third week and although it is still early on, im feeling great! I’ve had no side effects due to eating the right foods Christina recommended to avoid this, and can already see and feel the benefits. She made it clear from the start that this is not a ‘quick fix’ and has been very supportive in helping me make the changes to my diet, both in the short term and long term.”

Anna Poore ~ Ealing, London

“It’s been a while when I started to think about meeting a nutritionist. Not because I would have a serious problem, only curiosity and eagerness to know whether everything is OK with me.

Our company has an Occupational Health Department that organises regular sessions with Christina – nutritionist/naturopath. I dropped an email to OC Manager and soon I got a call from her to arrange the meeting. I was amazed when Christina entered the treatment room. She looked at me and told me I had huge pupils. I was shocked a bit because I did not expect this. Firstly, I heard this before from one of my doctors and secondly, it is important? They get bigger and smaller depending on the amount of light right? She asked me whether there is a reason. Well, I was thinking, my personal life is great, my work life is just like others, there are good days, there are worse days. I couldn’t really figure out the answer.

Then she helped me and asked whether I sleep well, or suffered from headaches. This is it! I don’t sleep well and it’s a shame I wasn’t ready straight away to tell her this. My sleep was really bad in comparison with the past. She took her notepad and started to write down everything I said. On top of the lack of good sleep, I suffered from hay fever. On that day, it was very strong, my eyes were red and itchy plus my nose was completely blocked, I could only breath with my mouth. How stressful! Christina then started to shoot with advices: all related either to my hay fever problem, bad sleep and better food habits. In couple of days I got it all in writing via email. I printed it off and put it on my fridge.

I try to follow everything. Some is easy just like camomile tea before going to bed or carrot juice instead of orange or aloe Vera or 2 litres of water a day or taking food supplements but some are tough, e.g. trying to avoid dairy products because of my allergy, well …. I love cheese must say … but I did cut it down at least and do not eat yogurts. Some probably say, hold on! Yoghurt is healthy! Yes it is but as per Christina’s advice, broccoli does the same think plus I take probiotics.

I love fruits as well and tend to have it late in the evening which is not really ideal. As per her advice, I eat now less sugary fruits e.g. berries – and I really love them and feel better. There are many advices I got from her. I am very happy that I met her. It’s interesting how some food might cause you problems but still, there are others which can help you. For us, random people it is difficult to figure it out, we just basically eat what we like without taking into consideration the consequences. Therefore I suggest, whether you have any serious problem or just seeking advice, speak with a nutritionist, if possible Christina. She is very knowledgeable and ready for every question.”

Ivana ~ The Dorchester, Park Lane, London.

“I came to see Christina and I got great results. Christina was very Personable and has high integrity.”

Jennifer Sommer ~ Park Lane, London.

“For the past 15-20 years I was in a chronic state of ill-health. I suffered with chronic fatigue, mental and physical exhaustion, constipation, bloating, gas, Candida, food intolerances, lack of concentration, irritability, stress. I was eventually diagnosed with M.E. with no known cure. I followed numerous routes to find a cure but never seemed to return to full health. This affected my worth and everyday life—I was too exhausted to do or participate in anything. Eventually I had to give up work.

However all this changed when I visited a naturopath, Christina Martin (Future Health Management). I decided to give it a go with nothing to lose. It has changed my life. Christina explained how she works by tackling the root cause of a problem.

I embarked on a cleansing fast with cleansing herbs, food state vitamins and 1-1/2 – 2 litres water daily. I started to feel different within a couple of days, so surprised after feeling at deaths door for so many years with little quality of life. I have some way to go yet but feel more positive, confident already. Digestion, concentration, stress is improving daily. I know I am on my way to full recovery.

I would highly recommend Christina Martin who made this possible. To enable me to live life again and be the happy-go-luck person I once was.

From a grateful client.”

Norma Lynch ~ Ealing, London

“On a recommendation I went to see Christina Martin to help me with a 12 year long battle with psoriasis. Over the years I have tried many methods but this absolutely has been the best my skin has ever been. Christina was very through in the prescription of vitamin and mineral supplements and also provided a comprehensive guide on diet including cause and effect on skin conditions. The ongoing support from her is great and gives the continued encouragement necessary for the personal discipline needed to achieve the much improved lifestyle.”

Barrie McCulloch

“I attended Christina for a very intense intolerance test, the results were highly relevant, and having been advised to refrain from dairy products and any yeast products , I am no longer bloated, and I feel so much better.”

Mr N Levene ~ Hertfordshire

“I am very impressed by Christina’s knowledge and expertise. She has instilled confidence in me that in a couple of months my health is going to be at the top of a steep upward curve. Four years of dead-ends with mainstream medicine and she cracked it in 20 minutes. Good work – and Thank You.”

Mr G Rice – Brentford


How to take the first step towards improving your health

If you are struggling with a health issue that has not been addressed by conventional methods contact Christina Martin DHNP, AIT on 020 8991 1490 to discuss your symptoms or to arrange an initial consultation.  Alternatively click here to book a consultation at one of my London clinics.